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League Night: Bowling WORD BITS by Heather Z Scraps


Life's too short not to have a ball! So lace up those shoes, stick your fingers in the holes, and throw for the pins. Then, scrap your best strikes with League Night: Bowling. This quirky, retro-inspired bowling kit is perfect for both league night and some fun with the kids or your best friends. Featured elements include bowling pins, bowling balls, a full lane, bowling shirt, shoes, and bag, and 4 cute teams of bowlers. Everything is in fun hues of cool blue, minty green, funky teal, bright red, pink, and black. Even if you're not scrapping a night at the lanes, this kit can still bowl you over with its retro patterned papers, flowers, and ribbons – perfect for a drive-in or a sock hop! Just add photos for a ton of fun with League Night: Bowling.
20 word bits (strike, spare, turkey, bowling, 7-10 split, bowling shoes, bowling bag, pins, gutter, gutter ball, sweep, bowling alley, double, sleeper, split, strike out, bowling league, league night, handicap, average)

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