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Great Outdoors


What better way to spend some quality time with the family than a camping trip into the great outdoors. Hiking in the forest, roasting marshmallows, and just appreciating the beauty of nature, you'll find everything you need to document your summer camping trip.

This digital kit includes:

24 Textured Papers: 16 patterned and 8 solids

105 Total Elements:
backpack, bear, bird, 2 bows, branch, bug spray, butterfly, 4 buttons, camper, car, cedar, chair, 4 charms, 2 clips, compass, cooler, deer, direction sign, fir branch, fire, firefly, fish, fishing rod, flashlight, 7 flowers, fox, 5 frames, greenery, hotdog, kettle, 2 knotted ribbon, 2 laces, lantern, leaf, 2 leaf branches, marshmallows, match, moose, mosquito, owl, pinecone, pine needles, pocket knife, raccoon, 4 ribbon, roasting marshmallow, 10 signs, sleepling bag, squirrel, tent, thermos, tied ribbon, tree, 4 wood slices

6 Titles: Wilderness, The Great Outdoors, Camping, Adventure, Explore, Roughin' It

9 Word Strips: Stargazing, Happy Camper, Into the Woods, Off the Beaten Path, Campground, Around the Campfire, Fresh Air, Back to Nature, Campsite

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